About us 

Winters Landscape and Irrigation is a complete design build landscape company founded in 1974 in Dallas Tx. Our Landscape installation division is fully equipped and trained to provide complete 3D Landscape design and installation of any landscape irrigation, construction, and planting project. Our firm is highly experienced and highly qualified to handle all aspects of landscape construction projects. We can offer construction materials at substantially lower cost to the commercial and residential client. With 40 years of training and experience and a carefully cultivated core of key personnel we, as a rule, perform 100% of all our construction operations “in house”. Winters Landscape & Irrigation is constantly evolving with the newest landscape design trends as well as up to date state of the art irrigation products and installation methods. 


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We are extremely blessed to have a trustworthy and loyal staff. Our  experienced crew has been with us for many years with a very low turnover rate. We have gotten compliment after compliment about our installers and their determination to create a professional project.