Turning off pressure

In the event you need to turn off pressure due to:

Mainline pipe break, a station that will not turn off, or would like to turn off pressure during winter months: 


Locate Your Backflow Device

In East Texas, most commonly you'll find a large valve box close to the water meter. It will have a green lid with a Double Check Valve in it. Depending on what your local water purveyor requires, you may have an above ground backflow preventer.  This is your state required backflow device. This prevents the unsafe irrigation water from contaminating the city drinking water. 


Turn Off Pressure

To turn off pressure to the irrigation system, locate the ball valves on the backflow preventer. In this picture there are two blue handle valves. Simply turn one or both 90 degrees in relation to the backflow preventer. This should turn off all pressure to only your irrigation system.