Drainage & Erosion Control

Control of water across the property can be one of the most important forms of maintenance. We, at Winters Landscape and Irrigation, are extremely experienced in preventing future problems due to water run off. We achieve this by studying the site and creating the most effective but yet appealing design to correct any water flow issues.   

Jute Netting.jpg

Jute Netting with ground cover

This is a great method if you want to keep a new berm stabalized to divert water and dress it with an attractive ground cover. 


Gabion Stone with river rock

Above is a gorgeous installation using a large aggregate blended with river rock. The intent here is to stabilize the soil where water is focused. 


Downspout connectors

You would be surprised how much water your roof collects. To ensure your beds and yard do not become washed out, add a drain line to your down spout. 


Drain basin

Drain Basins are used to collect water in low spots of the property.

File Sep 05, 2 58 17 PM.jpeg

Channel Drain

A channel drain is usually placed at the entry of a garage or along linear area that is having trouble shedding water.