Application schedule

 Visit SiteOne for all of your Maintenance Application Needs

Visit SiteOne for all of your Maintenance Application Needs

This is the standard we go by for maintenance applications. Of course each season is different along with products commonly used so be sure to read the label for condition requirements. By following this schedule, it will ensure you will have the best yard/beds with the least amount of weed infiltration, more vigorous plant growth, and the most effective irrigation system.  

What are the applications?


Fertilization can be the most important aspect of a healthy landscape. A simple way to remember what the numbers of a fertilizer mean is UP, DOWN, and ALL AROUND. The first number will help with vigor and foliage growth, the second with root growth, and the third is an all around nutrient. 


The best post-emergent are in liquid form applied with a sprayer. These are designed to kill unwanted weeds after they have began growing. There are many different products to choose from. Many are made to be sprayed over existing lawns to selectivly kill the weeds and not the improved turf.  


A pre-emergent is normally a granular material applied with a spreader or by hand to a flower bed or a yard. Pre-emergent only kills seeds that have not yet germinated. They are normally applied in late winter to early spring.