Rainbird Controllers

The following applies to most Rainbird Controllers. Below are instructions to the most commonly asked programming questions. Click the link at the bottom of the page to review Rainbird's full instruction manuals. 


Select Days to Water

Rotate the dial to the day you wish to turn on or off.

Press plus or minus to water or cancel the day of the week selected. 



Change Start Times

Rotate the dial to Set Watering Start Times. Be sure you see a program A on the screen. If not, press the program select button until an A appears. The first number on the screen is indicating the first time the system will begin watering. Use the plus or minus button to change what time the system will start. If you wish to remove all start times, press the plus or minus button until you reach midnight. Press plus or minus one more time and OFF should appear. 


Change Run Times

To tell each station how long to run, rotate dial to set station run times. The first number on the screen will be the station indicated and to the right will be the run time. Press plus or minus to add or subtract the duration to the station on the screen. Press the right or left arrow to change the station you wish to adjust.

Controller Manual

Click on the picture of your controller for complete Manuals.