pruning and trimming

Basic Plant Pruning & Trimming Schedule


Plant care after installation

Taking care of your landscape can be a gratifying experience. Here are a few tips on trimming and plant care concerning woody ornamental landscapes. These are general pointers as each landscape is unique in its needs and visual affect. 


Times of year and method

A general rule of thumb is to do your hard pruning while the plant material needs the least amount nutrient as to not hurt the plant. Meaning most of the large cuts on trees and old shrubs are done in the winter. Light trimming is encouraged during the growing season to keep shape and vigor.


Crape myrtle pruning

We like to use the Crape Myrtle as a good example of what happens after the cut. In most cases after each branch is pruned, new growth is encouraged at the cut. After several seasons of pruning and growth, a dense canopy is easily achievable. A tree that goes without correct pruning may become leggy and less desireable.